Getting back into books

Sometimes we read books that *aren't* about Star Wars
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Getting back into books

Post by djs71a »

Hello all, years ago I read a lot of Star Wars books (which are now legends). Do you have recommendations on a good order to start reading the official cannon books? Star Wars timeline, order they were released, etc?
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Re: Getting back into books

Post by Mom2Remi&Drew »

I jumped around to whatever got recommended on Kindle or whatever topic I felt like reading about. I haven't read any of the Thrawn books, or Tarkin, and I'm not a comic book person. Depends really on what gaps you want to fill in I suppose. I think Bloodline has been my fav so far, and the Aftermath series sets up the sequel trilogy fairly well. If you dig the sequels, pick one and figure out what book(s) set it up or follow up on it. Or if you like the prequels, I certainly recommend Master and Apprentice or Queen's Shadow. Claudia Gray and EK Johnston are fantastic SW writers.
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Re: Getting back into books

Post by Staatz »

I've jumped into Alphabet Squadron and it has some good Rogue Squadron vibes. Takes place right after 6. I also liked the other Disney era books I've read so far, The Last Jedi novelization, Thrawn (written by good old Zahn), some Prequil to 7 that was pretty good. They all can be read on their own, though I think the Aftermath was supposed to be a starting point, but I've heard mixed reviews.
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Re: Getting back into books

Post by ConorWhite7 »

Really enjoyed the Aftermath Trilogy. First book is rough around the edges, book two is exceptional, and book three is a fun close.

The Thrawn trilogy is solid. First book is an origin story that covers a lot of ground quick. Second is the best of the bunch, and third is a little bit of a letdown just expecting big things after how strong book two was.

Alphabet Squadron was fun, it keeps getting compared to certain Legends books but, I have never read those so cannot speak to it like Staatz did..

Bloodline is a political thriller with Leia and it's the best book in the Disney Canon era that I have read.

Rogue One Catalyst you can pass on IMO. Some character depth added but, a lot of hard science I was not here for.
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