Song by Song Podcasts

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Song by Song Podcasts

Post by luckymustard »

There definitely has been talk of this somewhat recently in one of the Facebook groups (SWMLS or Minute Makers), but I thought I'd start this topic here to try to get the ball rolling. At some point I may go try to find that thread there if the person(s) that might be up to creating the website doesn't see this. I have this list started, but if we got a site up like, then I think that'd be great.
Big thanks to the Makers for doing their side podcast Alphabeatical!
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Re: Song by Song Podcasts

Post by GaryDesEtoiles »

Thanks for putting this up. I wasn’t aware a weird alphabet podcast was out there! Now I’ll just be waiting for someone to start up an LMNOPetty podcast. Tom petty surely has the catalogue to sustain a good podcast
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