Wishing you all well

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Wishing you all well

Post by Glenston »

Hi everyone, having never had a Facebook account but being a long tine listener of SWM I was very excited to find out a non Facebook listeners society was online, I’ve posted a few times but just haven’t had the time to do so regularly although I do intend to.

Anyway the world feels pretty crazy right now, over here the in UK the Covid-19 outbreak is starting to feel very real and the full gravity of the situation is dawning on us all as I’m sure it is for everyone of you out there.

With that in mind I just wanted to wish my fellow SWM podcast listeners and indeed Pete, Alex, their many guests and all your friends and families well. I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. 🙂
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Re: Wishing you all well

Post by ListenerMattBurkey »

Thank you! Things are crazy here in the midwest of USA, but SWM episodes help wile away the time. I'm a big fan of relistening to old seasons and very appreciative that all old SWM episodes are readily available. Hope you're well!
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