The Last Jedi Minute 10

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The Last Jedi Minute 10

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I have so much respect for Josh Flanagan being able to articulate why this movie doesn't work for him as a Star Wars film, as I often struggle to explain why I'm in the opposite camp. I'm much younger, and didn't grow up with Luke as my ideal hero; I'm sure there are fictional characters from my youth I'd never be able to see reinterpreted in that way.

But on the other hand, I am always confused when people say that this character is so different from OT Luke. Sure, he starts off as a cranky old man, but by the end of the film he's performing an act of incredible bravery, maturity, and strength in the name of self-sacrifice. That tracks perfectly with the Luke who walks calmly into Jabba's palace without a real plan, or who throws down his laser sword rather than continue the cycle of violence. If anything, the biggest difference in character is that TLJ Luke is quippier and (sometimes) funnier than OT Luke.

I think it's often easy for us to be brave when we lean on the naivete of ideals and our own ignorance towards the consequences. It's a lot harder to see yourself fail, to see the world's cruel entrenchment, and to be brave again. The Luke that gets back up in TLJ, even after seeing the destruction of everything he's fought for, is a Luke who finds a new kind of courage, one that isn't about being a hero.

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Re: The Last Jedi Minute 10

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Wow that was amazing. I appreciate and respect your in-depth and thoughtful reflection!
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Re: The Last Jedi Minute 10

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I totally agree. I believe his last stand is the most jedi move we have seen a jedi make in any movie. Accepting his failure, learning from it, bringing hope, defeating a foe without engaging in a fight. I think it’s exactly what Luke from the OT would have done, the failure, the hiding, the realization and the rise.
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