Just Checking In

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Just Checking In

Post by Ando_Calrissian »

Decided to sacrifice my Patreon membership in an effort to save some money, looking forward to bingeing once I hop back in. But in the meantime, I'm really feeling the vacuum of fun Star Wars talk. How's everyone doing? Any fun SW topics anyone wants to get off their chest?

Also, question for any Patrons or Facebookers, has there been talk about a BoBF series during the hiatus? May give myself a Christmas present of re-subscribing for that reason.
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Re: Just Checking In

Post by casinoskunk »

I had to unsubscribe from Patreon as well. My shows cost to much to produce now that i've been doing live video episodes.

I miss hearing the SWMWE episodes. It's been far too long.
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