Star Wars Love/Appreciation

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Star Wars Love/Appreciation

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I would just like to say how much I love Star Wars. Not everything about the movies is perfect, but I could say the same about me. I enjoy watching the visuals, listening to the music, feeling the excitement and just smiling! Star Wars makes me happy. All of it. That is all. Feel free to add your own. :D :D
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Re: Star Wars Love/Appreciation

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I love the whole experience, from the announcement there's a new movie, to the crazy fan theories, to the anticipation before the movie, to the anticipation during the trailers before the movie, to the opening BAHHHHH BADABA, to all the crazy aspects of a Star War, to even the controversy after (yes I wish people would love every star war, but hey, I like defending it). I Love Star Wars: A Star Wars Story
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