I know you guys hate when I post about the toys but...

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I know you guys hate when I post about the toys but...

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I'm curious, any other people here still find themselves buying Star Wars toys and/or merchandise? I have been kind of going down a bit of a 6-inch Black Series rabbit hole. There's something about The Rise of Skywalker, maybe it's because it's the final movie in the saga, that makes me want to dip my toes back into that world.

Sometimes I like to turn around, look at my collection, and question all of my life choices. My son doesn't have action figures but I do.

But hey, they look cool. That Vader figure is... mwah. Real good.

Anyone else or am I the only sad sap?
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Re: I know you guys hate when I post about the toys but...

Post by AustinPrior »

I've never been a toy collector myself. In 2015, I got the Star Wars comeback fever and really wanted a Rey toy but I found that even the fairly expensive ones were kind of off-model and the paint jobs were all wonky. I ended up buying a Black Series Kylo Ren (without removable helmet). It's nice and the helmet means I don't have to look at some weird version of a human face.

I bought my daughter Rey and Chewie for Christmas. They're quite good figures but when we got Chewie out of the box, he turned out to have a massive rifle attached to his hand. It was part of the mould. I ended up cutting it off as I couldn't feel like a good parent giving my 2-year-old daughter that thing.

As for life choices, don't sweat it. Let your freak flag fly. If you're buying more than you can afford, stop. If you're buying for the sake of completeness and you're not actually enjoying the toys, stop. Otherwise go for it!
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Re: I know you guys hate when I post about the toys but...

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I have a mixed black series and s h figuarts collection I’m quite pleased with. I also have a Mp transformer collection that is a bit much. I feel no shame in my toys, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a touch embarrassing when people see what I’ve done
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