Saga Rewatch

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Saga Rewatch

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So I've gone through all the James Bond movies again (bring on the hiatus!), am halfway through a Harry Potter run-through with my wife, and I decided to start going through the Star Wars movies again during the day while I work (I've never done the machete order, so I'm giving that a try (but with TPM)). Couple things I never noticed before (these may have been covered in SWM already, will have to go back and relisten):

In ESB, when Leia is giving marching orders to the troops, you can see Han stop fixing the Falcon WAAAY in the background, seemingly watching/listening to her.

In TPM, when Windu tells Qui-Gon that Anakin won't be trained, little Ani gives Mace a look that makes me thing he remembers that moment all the way up until arm-choppy time in ROTS.

Anyone else notice some new stuff, or see certain things differently after watching the sequel trilogy and anthologies?
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