RoS music musings

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RoS music musings

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The first time I saw RoS I was seriously jet lagged and missed a lot of stuff. One thing I do remember is being very confused when Luke started to lift up his X-wing and Yoda's theme started playing. It stuck with me as an out-of-place reusing of the "wrong" music.

By the third time I saw it something clicked a bit differently for me. When the "just people" fleet arrives to take on the bad guys the main title theme plays, which as far as I understand is normally associated with Luke. So if Yoda's theme has been passed to Luke, and the music I understand as Luke's theme has been passed on to "just people," perhaps John Williams is signaling some character development. Luke becoming the master now, and regular folks becoming the main heroes.

There was discussion among some of my friends about frustration they had that Abrams ignored the "Force is for everybody" or "everyone's a hero" ideas that crop up in TLJ. I don't agree with my friends on this, as I think those themes continue, and perhaps one more way they manifest in RoS is through some musical moments.

Just some stuff I thought about.
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